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"The Newspaper Manager has taken our business to a whole new level. We have seen an immediate increase in efficiency (and profitability), and we now have the ability to look at our business in a way that we've never been able to before."

Michael Raher

Owner & Publisher

"Everything that the software is offering is more efficient and better than what our company was doing before The Newspaper Manager. We are now able to project our numbers much better than we could before."

Melissa Sanderson

Owner & Publisher 

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17,000+ media products in 20+ countries rely on The Newspaper Manager to increase profit.

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Mastering Efficiency with Newspaper Manager

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  • Manage pagination and flat planning throughout design process
  • Unify all advertising, subscription, and audience data into one database
  • Merge orders with CRM data for faster, more effective billing
  • Enable sales reps to operate more effectively and efficiently
  • Automate audience development


Our publishing CRM is specifically designed to help sales reps sell more ads. 


Our powerful reporting suite helps publishers monitor profitability and performance


Converting proposals into contracts and invoices saves hours of manpower. 


From pagination to final approval, production is better organized and tracked.


Streamline any ad schedule, from classifieds to multimedia.


Keep advertisers in sync with deadlines with a singular, centralized system.

Media Management Made Easy

Increase efficiency across your entire enterprise 

Software Designed For You 

The most powerful CRM software in the newspaper industry, The Newspaper Manager lets you search, categorize, and organize client data in a way that makes follow-ups easy. Our ad order entry system connects every step of the media buy. Proposal templates are easy to generate and convert into contracts, insertion orders, and invoices.

The Newspaper Manager’s Job Jacket makes it easy to share proofs, provide feedback, and secure final approval. The Newspaper Manager’s powerful reporting suite gives publishers insight into performance and profitability. 
The Newspaper Manager’s flexible and user-friendly billing system flawlessly transfers information from an insertion order to a contract to the final invoice template.

Work Together Seamlessly And Effectively

Newspaper Manager has the precise tools for every aspect of your operation

Increase Your Revenue! 

We help find profit-potential at every corner

Streamline Media Buys

Expand Readership 

Automate Payment Processing 

Reduce hassle by managing clients and orders in one integrated platform

Make invoicing and billing electronic and easy to understand

Market effectively with website tracking and email verification

The world's leading media management software, where robust sales, production, integrated marketing, and billing platforms come together to make life easier

“We needed software that could track and invoice advertising in two different publications with the same contact list. Once the [software consultants] helped us set up our letters and rate cards. Now, we can create a proposal and, with a touch of a button, it can become a contract and then an invoice when it's time to bill”

"We started to use The Newspaper Manager, and I didn't know how valuable it was until we lost a sales rep. It made it so easy to pick up where the rep left off. With the account list and the information at hand, we didn't lose a single ad! It was seamless!"

Gretchen Wehmhoff

Valerie Simon

Co-owner / Editor


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