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In this lively, engaging video, Ryan covers several hot topics on the minds of today's publishers. Highlights include:


1. Differences between sponsored & native content & how to execute both types effectively

2. How to get your regional publication considered for national RFPs

3. How to defend your share ad dollars moving to social media

4. Why “popcorn pricing” works!
5. How to pitch prospects who solely rely on word-of-mouth marketing

6. How to circumvent the threats of ad-blocking tech

7. Elements that make a good media kit GREAT - and more!




What do hundreds of top media professionals want to know? They recently asked Ryan Dohrn for on-the-spot media sales advice.

About Ryan Dohrn


Ryan has taught over 4,000 media sales professionals worldwide and his sales tools have resulted in over $350 million in incremental ad sales for his media clients, ranging from small companies to Fortune 500 enterprises.

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